DONG GUAN LMET TEAP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(lmeTTeap), is a professional assembly automation solution and automated assembly machine designer,manufacturer and trader. With more than 10-years'experience in assembly automation technology, aims to provide our customers with one-stop and full-custom assembly automation solution and assembly machine as well as relevant fixture and jig engineering. 

lmeTTeap aims to provide our customers both home and abroad with our cost-effective assembly automation solution & top-class automatic assembly machine in accordance with customer's production demand to improve the production rate as well as final product quality while decrease customer's investment in labor cost. 

The orginal of lmeTTeap started its business since 2000 with its production line included machinng parts as well as simple-structure machines. In 2005, we employed strategical development of enterprise transformation and upgrading and envolved with automation design, engineering and manufacturing, Then in 2015, it was acquired by LMET INDUSTRIAL GROUP and fully focus on assembly automation solution as well as assembly machine design, manufacturing, trading, service and support.

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