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European Power Socket Assembly Machine

European Power Socket Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

This European Power Socket Assembly Machine integrates technologies such as automatic feeding, loading, transporting as well as other automatic or manual device, in accordance with current assembly production technical flow, to combines different automatic mechanism into a complete system which can be drived by pneumatic method, hydraulic method, motorized method, sensing system as well as electrical control system to achieve an one-stop assembly production solution and provide excellent, continuous, stable production process and output qualified product as customer’s expectation. 

This European Power Socket Assembly Machine will use technologies from differen areas that shall cover mechanical engineering, sensing detection technology, network communication technologies,motor drive technology, HMI (Human-machine interface) application, PLC control technologies as well as pneumatic drive technologies etc to achieve excellent performance assembly system to meet up customer’s production demands. 

Vibratory Feeder bowl is introduced to load the metal contact for this european power socket and implement an continuous and stable feeding and loading rate so that provide an excellent parts and component feeding for assembly machine.

Feeding Hopper with belt conveyor is designed to load and feed the plastic housing and cover for European power socket. By using hopper feeder, it can provide a better volume to hold the plastic parts. 

Stopping & seperating mechanism will perform an seperating performance to separate the parts and components into single one and enter into relevant assembly station and ready to be assembled with other components. 

Technical Parameters

Production Rate: 20-25 pcs/min.

Air Pressure: 4-6kgf/cm2

Power Consumption: 0.5KW 

Overall Dimension: 2500×2500×1600 mm

Gross Weight: Approx.600kg