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Bobbin Pin Insertion Machine

Bobbin Pin Insertion Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

Bobbin Pin Insertion Assembly Machine

Bobbin pin insertion assembly machine provide an excellent assembly automation for bobbin series products. Relying on advanced loading and feeding methods, this bobbin pin insertion assembly machine allows the manufacturer to achieve an one-stop solution from parts and components loading, feeding, orientating, sequencing, seperating, positioning and inserting to final unloading.

With high standard automation technologies, this bobbin pin insertion machine employs motor drive method or pneumatic drive method as the drive force for machine mechanisms to implement differement mechanical motion to fulfill different assembly movements.

Flexible loading method such as coil feeder or full-custom vibratory feeder bowl as well as linear vibratory feeder are introduced to load and feed the bobbin or the pins in accordance with the material in bulk or in strip. The fundamental principle of loading and feeding method must be taken according to the prodcut takt as well as production cycle time while the elimilate the hurt and wound for parts and components.

High precise machining parts made of SKD-11 or SKH-9 as well as S45C material with excellent wearable performance to guarrante this bobbin pin insertion machine to provide a long service life. High precise machining parts also provide top-class work piece positioning and centering performance to ensure the assembly production in accurate way. Meanwhile, to achieve an excellent service life, all of the machining parts are made with surface solid chromium plating process to protect the surface of machining parts. 

The control unit employs relevant PLC and touch control panel control method or Industrial level PC computer & MCU also can be introduced to provide an excellent control management system for entire assembly machine. 

It is compatible to work with industrial robot, CCD camera as well as other precise inspection system to inspect and check the final product so that to work with sorting system to eject the NG product from Ok products. 

Assembly Flow Description 

The pin is loaded and fed through coil feeder or vibratory feeder bowl;

Bobbin is loaded by vibratory feeder bowl;

Pin seperating, centering and clamping and ready to insert pin into bobbin;

Bobbin seperating, centering and waiting for inserting into pin;

Pin inserted into bobbin one shot with one pin or two pins by one shot;

Technical Parameters

Production Rate: 25-40 pcs/min.

Power Source: 220V,50/60Hz, 

Air Pressure: 4kg/cm²

Overall Dimension:1500*750*780mm 

Gross Weight: 200Kg