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Transformer Core Assembly-Taping-Testing Machine

Transformer Core Assembly-Taping-Testing Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

Integral Transformer Magnetic Core Assembling Taping Testing Machine 

It is a highly integrated assembly & testing machine for EE type high frequency transformer with excellent versatility to assemble EE series transformers.

It perfectly provides one-stop solution from magnetic core, Bobbin with Coil loading and feeding, orientating, sequencing, separating, centering, assembling, pick-place, taping, testing and final unloading.  


Machine Features

Wide Assembly Production Application For Manufacturers That Produce EE Transformer Ranged From EE8.3 To EE25 Series High Frequency Transformers Through A Simple Modification of Machine Building Such As Part Vibratory Feeder Bowl, Parts Tracks, As Well As Pick & Place Grippers etc Which Proves the Powerful Versatility Of This Integral Transformer Core Assembling-Taping-Testing Machine.

Adhering To The Mechanical Engineering Design Concept of Stable Performance & High Production Yield, This Automated Transformer Core Assembling-Taping-Testing Machine Provides High Production Rate That Can Achieve 50-60 pcs per min. with High Operation Rate To Please The Transformer Manufacturers.

Machine Designed with Touch Control Panel To Perform Unit Control For The Transformer Core Assembling Taping Testing Machine, Which Provides An Easy Access To Set Machine Operation Parameters To Answer For Different Production Demands;

This Automated Transformer Core Assembling Taping Testing Machine Is Designed With Auto-Detection For Part Feeding Failure & Automated NG Sorting To Push The Defective In-come Parts Into Defectives Bin.

Alerting System Is Introduced with Warning for Tape Empty, Bobbin Empty, Core Empty Or Tape Peel-off & Automatic Warning With Light Tower & Acoustic Warning. 

Assembly Flow

Full Automatic Magnetic Core Bobbin Assembling, Taping, Testing 

Bobbin Loading & Feeding: Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Top E Magnetic Core Loading & Feeding: Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Bottom Magnetic Core Loading & Feeding: Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Automatic Bobbin, Magnetic Core Assembling;

Automatic Taping For Bobbin & Cores

Testing Station (Option);

Final Product Unloading: 

Technical Parameters

Operation Method: Manual/Auto/Single Station 

Feeding Method: Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Control Method: PLC & Touch Control Panel

Production Rate: 50-60 pcs/min.

Air Source: 0.4-0.6 Mpa

Overall Dimension(L×W×H):1900×900×1500 mm