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DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine

DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction 

lmeTTeap Engineering Team Builds this automated DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine To Provide One-Stop Solution For Connectors Manufacturers Worldwide With Excellent Assembly Automation Solution, Which Will Allow Them to Achieve Many Benefits Such As Full Automatic Solution To Produce DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks, Less Manpower Input To Reduce Production Cost, Automated Testing And Inspection System To Improve The Production Rate etc. 


When lmeTTeap guarantees the full automated assembly automation or one-stop-solution for DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks, We will take the action to automate the machine processes such as automatic loading, feeding, separating, assembling, testing and final unloading, even for final packing. 

Assembly Machine

Machine Features 

Full Automated Loading & Feeding Method for Plastic Housing, Yoke Clamp, Current Bar, Screws;

Independent Mechanisms To Separate Parts & Components Into Single Work Piece & Ready to Assemble with other components;

U-Fork Push-Walking Mechanism is introduced to move plastic housing from current bar-yoke clamp assembling to, screw press-into station, screw drive station, testing and inspection station;

Automatic Screw Drive Station With Screw Drive Torque Control Can Be Used To inspect The Final Product For Poor Screw Drive Or Component Missing. 

Assembly Flow 

Plastic Housing Loading & Separating→Current Bar Loading→ 2 Clamp Yoke Loading → Current Bar & Clamp Yoke Assembling→ Current Bar, Clamp Yoke Assembles With Plastic Housing→ Screw Loading & Press-into Plastic Housing→ Screw Drive & Torque Detection→ OK/NG→ Final Unloading; 

Assembly Machine

Technical Specification

Overall Dimension: Approx. 1650×1400×1650 mm

Gross Weight: Approx. 500kg 

Production Rate: 20-30 pcs /min. (according to parts size and part quality control)

Operator Demand: 1 (one) is required to operate assembly machine to refill materials;

Power Supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz 

Air Supply: Above 5.0 kgf/cm ²

Standard Parts: 

Pneumatic Cylinder: AirTAC or Excellent Chinese Brand

Servo Motor: Delta