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Strip Connector Assembly Machine

Strip Connector Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction 

Automated Strip Connector Assembly Machine with excellent performance that enables connector and terminal blocks manufacturer worldwide to achieve one-stop assembly automation solution to automate their current production line. 

From Automatic Loading, Feeding, Separating to current terminal insertion, screw press-into, screw-drive to final checking and inspection, this automated strip connector assembly machine allows manufacturers to get high productivity and high quality final connector products. 

Introduced with excellent ball-screw and servo motor drive system, this automated strip connector assembly machine with versatility to be used for many types of connectors with same size which are only designed with different terminal quantity inside of strip connectors. 

Assembly Machine

Assembly Machine

Assembly Machine

Machine Features 

According to assemblability principle, all parts and components introduced with fully customized feeding system to realized automatic sequencing, orientation, conveying, identification and separating. 

Servo Motor or Pneumatic Cylinder Drive System assists plastic housing moving stable on assembling tracks, convenient for processes alike brass terminal push-into, screw press in, screw drive ..etc.

Servo Screwing System with Advantage of free setting screwing torque force as well as to determine failures such as screw off position, wrong position, slippage to guarantee the final product quality from customer end. 

Technical Specifications 

Overall Dimension: Approx: 1650×1200×1750 mm 

Gross Weight: Approx. 500kg 

Production Rate: 36-60 screws/min. 

Operator Demand: 1 Operator required to operate this assembly machine; 

Power Supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz 

Air Supply: Above 5.0 kgf/mm²