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Vibrating Feeder Bowl

Vibrating Feeder Bowl
  1. Introduction & Description


Performed as a popular, continuous, stable and flexible components and parts feeding system, vibratory feeder bowl, mostly made by full-custom building, plays an important feeding system for modern automation system and automatic production machines. Vibratory feeder bowls, based on comprehensive analysis for sizes, shapes, deformation of components and parts, generally are full-custom tooled; 

Essential functions of vibratory feeder bowl:

Automated parts/components loading, feeding, orientating, sequencing,Sorting,Counting, conveying, transporting.


Performed as a stable & constant loading, feeding, orientating & sequencing system for parts feeding in industries as below:













◎ Flexible Orientating & Feeding Approaches 

Flexible Sequencing & Orientating Methods for Precise Vibratory Feeder Bowl performance. In accordance with different requirement from different end users, In-tracking Sequence, Optical Detection Sequence, All-Parts Sequence can be achieved to provide a flexible feeding and sequencing approaches. It allows the end users to make the best choice to work together with other automatic equipment. 

◎ Excellent Vibration Drive System 

It is a importance for a vibratory feeder bowl to drive parts and components move along the feeder bowl wall to orientate and sequence parts and components in certain direction. Vibrating Drive is needed to provide a force that drive the feeder bowl to vibrate which can achieve parts loading, feeding, sequencing and orientating. 

◎ Stable Vibrating Performance 

Stable Performance for vibratory feeder bowl can ensure a stable and reliable continuous parts or components loading, feeding, and sequencing and prevent parts or components stopping at wrong position and even to get parts stuck which to get whole feeder bowl blocked. 

Thus, stable vibrating performance can be taken as an important functional performance for vibratory feeder bowl. 

◎ Versatility For Feeding Compact & Small Parts

Vibratory Feeder Bowl allows parts or components with compact size and light weight can be loaded, orientated, sequenced as user’s final demands, especially for manufacturing industries of electronic, electrical, watch, or even food and medicals, so that, providing a stable, and reliable feeding performance of the those parts to move them to next working station. 

◎ Less Magnetization To Parts & Components 

To reduce magnetization for metal components due to friction during vibrating & transferring between parts and components, thus bring into a poor affects for loading, feeding & transporting. Introduced with magnetic drive base type vibration feeder bowl will provide excellent and perfect vibrating and feeding performance to reduce poor factors above. 

Benefits To Introduce a Vibrating Feeding Bowl Into Automatic Production Line 

To load, feed, orientate, sequence work piece through automatic vibrating method and work with automatic system as a popular and stable feeding and sequencing system that to minimize time for manual work pieces direction selection, especially for small-size work pieces both consist of plastic or metal materials; 

Parts selectors(sorting selector) mounted in full-custom designed inside of vibratory feeder bowl can be taken an initial sorting system to sort the parts deformed or parts with burrs etc, which only allow the parts within dimension tolerance; 

Provide an high-speed, high efficiency feeding system to be a stable, reliable, continuous feeding system to work with other automatic systems which greatly improve the production line capacity; 

To introduce with vibratory feeder bowl to minimize man power input into the production line while to improve labor efficiency to reduce errors in production operation; 

Working as partial automation system to be alternatives for worker operation to achieve fast manufacturing by allowing automatic loading, assembling and automatic process; 

Besides for automatic loading, vibratory feeder bowl can also work as sorting, checking, counting for automation system.