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Rotary Screw Driving Machine

Rotary Screw Driving Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction 

Compared with other multiple spindle screwing machine or other rotary indexing table screwing machine, this newly designed rotary screwing machine is designed with extra pick and place robotic arm to pick finished product from fixtures onto rotary indexing table and place product to linking conveyor to enable finished products transported to other stations;

Rotary indexing table, mounted with fixtures on it to hold and carry product from one station to another station to complete screwing and assembling process from working piece place, assembly, inspection, screw-drive and final unloading, all of these assembly steps are completed synchronously, by this means, it improve the total production rate for modern screwing & assembling. 

Screw bit driven by universal joint and electrical screw driver to implement screwing production, which allows multi-spindle screw driver working at the same time; This rotary screwing with flexible design conception allows an easy access to exchange fixtures and set parameter of screwing machine to achieve quite fixtures and product changeover performance. 

Generally, 4-workstation, 6-workstation, 8 workstation rotary screwing machine can be made full custom according to customer’s production demand as well as regulation of product and screws. 

Technical Parameter

Rotary Indexing Table

Drive Method

Cam Indexer Drive

Drive Force

Stepping/Servo/Frequency-Changed Motor Drive

Indexing Table Diameter

400mm (4 Station), 500 mm(6 station), 650 mm(8 station), Full Custom

Fixture Onto Indexing Table

Full custom according to product sizes

 Screw Feeding & Separating

Screw Feeder

Optional from Vibratory feeder bowl, drum feeder, rotary screw feeder, spiral screw feeder or select proper screw feeder method accordingly;

Screw Feeding Tracks

2-4 Screw Feeding Track

Screw Feeding Signal  

DC24 V Pulse, Available to communicate with PLC or IPC, requires or completion signal

 Screw Driver

Screw Driver Nose

2-8 noses, according to screw drive production rate demands

Screw Driver

Electric Drive, Brushless Motor,Branded with stable performance

Screw Drive Torque

Controllable & Adjustable

 Control System

Controller & Programmer  

PLC/ Independent board controller  


Touch Controller Panel  

Machine Operation Mode

 Automatic Control, Manual Control

Warning & Alerting System

Warning Light Tower/Buzzer

 Machine Parameter

Machine Frame

Steel, aluminium-alloy machine support

Screw Drive Up-Down Adjusting Range

 100mm (Available to manufacture full custom)

Power Input


Overall Dimension

L×W×H 800×800×1800 mm

Gross Weight

Approx. 150kg  

 Machine Application Demands

Screw-Drive Depth

20 mm, Available for Full Custom Design

Min. Screw Distance

20 mm.

Product Size Available

100×100×100 mm (Available for Full Custom Design)

Horizontal Adjusting  

Fine Turn ±25 mm, or ±100 mm when change position

 Screw-Drive Inspection

Slipper Thread Screw Detection


Screw Drive Missing


Electric Screw Driver Torque Detection


NG Product

Warning & Alerting

Functional Feature

High productivity 

Employs Cam-drive rotary indexer to drive and rotate indexing table to achieve an excellent multi-station screwing assembly production to achieve perfect screwing assembly production with high speed and reliable performance; 

High Stability 

Available for more screws to be driven at the same time as well as detection and alerting functions to check screw drive failures such as screw-floating, slipped thread and other failures that cause poor assembly production. 

High Versatility

Flexible to adjust position of screw driver according to the screw hole position and increase or decrease screwing bit quantity accordingly; Easy access to replace and exchange fixtures onto the rotary indexing table to meet up more product for screw-drive assembly production. Screws type can be ranged from M1 to M8 for different application purpose;