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Multi-Spindle Screw Drive Machine

Multi-Spindle Screw Drive Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction

Multi-spindle screw drive machine employs fixed mounting method to hold and fix screw drivers to achieve synchronous 2-12 screw-drive assembly. The screw drive spindle position and height is designed to control and adjust according different size and screw hole position, which allows this multi-spindle screw-drive machine can be applied for various screwing assembly production even if for different product and also enable this multi-spindle screw drive machine cooperating with automatic production line.


Multi-spindle screw drive machine with advanced design conception to arrange the screw drive heads as well as screw drive bits in accordance with technical analysis for actual product size, screw sizes as well as screw hole distance to fix and screw drive heads,also, this multi-spindle screw drive machine introduces with product fixture onto working cell. The fixture will hold the product till completion of screw-drive.


This multi-spindle screw drive machine with various advantages that include high production rate, low cost, high flexibility, enables this screw-drive machine can be used for product of single variety and large-scale production.


Technical Parameter

Screw Feeding & Separating

Screw Feeder

Optional from Vibratory feeder bowl, drum feeder, rotary screw feeder, spiral screw feeder or select proper screw feeder method accordingly;

Screw Feeding Tracks

2-4 Screw Feeding Track

Screw Feeding Signal  

DC24 V Pulse, Available to communicate with PLC or IPC, requires or completion signal

Screw Driver

Screw Driver Nose

2-8 noses, according to screw drive production rate demands

Screw Driver

Electric Drive, Brushless Motor,Branded with stable performance

Screw Drive Torque

Controllable & Adjustable

 Control System

Controller & Programmer  

PLC/ Independent board controller  


Touch Controller Panel  

Machine Operation Mode

 Automatic Control, Manual Control

Warning & Alerting System

Warning Light Tower/Buzzer

Machine Parameter

Machine Frame

Steel, aluminium-alloy machine support

Screw Drive Up-Down Adjusting Range

100mm (Available to manufacture full custom)

Power Input


Overall Dimension

L×W×H 800×600×1800 mm

Gross Weight

Approx. 120kg  

 Machine Application Demands

Screw-Drive Depth

15 mm, Available for Full Custom Design

Min. Screw Distance

15 mm.

Product Size Available

100×100×100 mm (Available for Full Custom Design)

Horizontal Adjusting  

Fine Turn ±15 mm, or ±100 mm when change position

 Screw-Drive Inspection

Slipper Thread Screw Detection


Screw Drive Missing


Electric Screw Driver Torque Detection


NG Product

Warning & Alerting

Functional Features

In accordance with analysis and feeding verification experiment to select suitable screw loading, feeding, conveying, separating and provide an reliable source for screwing for this multi-spindle screw drive machine. Most of the popular screw feeding method shall cover vibratory feeder bowl, hopper feeder, rotary feeder, bin feeder etc;


Electric screw driver head and driver bit with their position can be adjusted to align with screw holes onto product and different fixtures onto working cell can be replaced for different products, which proves an highly flexible for quite production line changeover;


2-12 screw can be driven in full custom design complies with customer’s production rate demands, also, can be compatible to work with other production line to build an automation production line. Reliable and stable performance of screw-drive guarantee a highly production rate and high production quality;


Check & Inspection function for screw drive can be designed with, refers to checking function such as screw missing, screw floating, slippery screw or other screw-drive failures;


Excellent versatility to exchange fixture, screw bits, screw driver holder and screw driver positioning support will enables this multi-screw drive machine can be used for various of industrial areas for assembly production, especially for product with deep screw holes;