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Automatic O-Ring Assembly Machine

Automatic O-Ring Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction 

In accordance with customer's technical requirement, lmeTTeap come out with this layout for O-Ring assembly machine will be designed with in-line assembly machine structure.
Full-Custom vibratory feeder bowl is introduced as the major part feeding system to load, feed, orientate, sequence the plastic housings & O-rings and linear vibrating driven feeding track to transfer parts 

and components.
It requires to mount one single piece of Rubber O-Ring onto one plastic housing but it is not allow to be stretched in case of O-ring broken. Thus, a bar transferring system to open the O-ring and ensure no 

damage for O-Ring is designed for this assembly machine. 

Technical Parameters for O-Ring Automatic Assembly Machine

Overall Dimension

Approx. 850×650×1750 mm(L×W×H)

Gross Weight

 150 KG 

Production Rate

15~30 pcs/min.

Power Supply


Air Supply

Above 5.0kgf/m² 

Work Station Description 

Station 1: 
Vibratory Feeder Bowl & track driven by linear vibratory feeder for Plastic Housing Loading, Feeding, Orientating, Sequencing, Separating and centering it at the assembly station;
Full-custom vibratory feeder bowl is designed to load, feed, orientate, sequence plastic housings;
Feeding track that driven by linear vibrating driver is introduced to connect with feeding lane of vibratory feeder bowl to transfer plastic housing in row to move forward till to separating mechanism; 
Separating mechanism will push to separate the plastic housing and center it at the assembly station ready for assemble with O-Ring. 

Station 2: 
O-Ring Loading, Feeding, Sequencing, separating, Pick-Place and Assembles with Plastic Part Onto Carrier; 
High Power Vibrating Feeding Based drives full-custom built vibrating feeder bowl to load, feed, sequence O-rings; 
Linear vibrating feeder to drive full-customized made transferring track that to transfer O-rings in row to move till to separate mechanism. 
The Up-Down separating mechanism will be introduced to separate Single Piece of O-Ring to the top and ready to be picked up by another pick and mounting mechanism. 
The pick and mounting mechanism will pick up single O-ring from separating mechanism and travel to the top of plastic housing and mount the O-ring onto plastic housing; 

Station 3: 
NG Sorting mechanism to pick rejected product (plastic parts without O-Ring assembled) and place them into NG container; 

Station 4: 

OK Production Final Unloading. Pick-Place Unit will pick final OK product and unload them onto OK container.