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USB Jack Assembly Machine

USB Jack Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description


This USB Jack Assembly Machine is an integral assembly machine based on anlaysis for the in-coming materials from manufacturer of USB connector. 

USB 2.0 Assembly Machine is a full-custom designed and engineered assembly machine aims to provide an one-stop solution to assembly USB 2.0 Connector.

It is recommended to understand an automated USB assembly machine that will provide USB manufacturers with an efficient system to increase their productivity, improve product quality and save more manpower investment to achieve a remarkable economic gain. 

This automated USB assembly machine features as multi-workstaion structure with stable machine frame and chassis. A reasonable assembly workstation deployment upon the assembly flow. 

With an excellent compatibility to answer for different USB assembly performances, this automated USB assembly machine provide a stable and reliable assembly process. 

Viewed from the structure of the assembly machine, a tape-and-real pin loading and feeding method has been introduced into this integral automated USB assembly machine. Special-design 2 vibratory bowl feeders have been mounted to load and feed the parts and component through a vibratory method. 


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