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Phone Jack RJ Connector Assembly Machine

Phone Jack RJ Connector Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description


This RJ connector assembly machine, based on the material properties & assembly process analysis, is designed and developed in full-custom to provide the 3P RJ  connector manufacturer and factories with an excellent assembly automation solution with target to reduce labor cost and achieve a great cost-effective goal. 

RJ connector assembly machine is concepted as multi-workstation structure to integrate all of assembly movement into a single assembly machine to answer for customer’s demand to implement that assembly works such as terminal cutting, terminal clamping and holding, terminal insert and terminal bending etc. 



Feeding & Loading System:


Feeding & Loading System for 3P RJ Male Connector Assembly is introduced on basis of loading & feeding tests and verification and then determined to integrate with entire 3P RJ  Male Connector Assembly Machine.

The Pin Terminal for this 3P RJ connector with its in-come form of coil-feeder that all pin terminal are prepared on metal stripe in a coiler, a motor on the top of assembly machine will rotate while feed the terminal pin in coil one by one. 

The plastic moldings, because of its light weight and regular shape, is determined to take the loading and feeding method of vibratory feeder bowl to load and feed plastic molding one by one. 

Orietating & Sequencing System

For Pin Terminal, it will be easy to orientate and sequence them because the in-come raw material in strip and the 3P RJ  male connector assembly machine only need the pin terminal feeding in a constant speed that can come with the speed of assembly process. 

For Plastic molding, the orientating & sequencing system must be mounted on the vibratory feeder bowl to ensure that all of the plastic molding come from vibratory feeder bowl must move forward with right direction which will be easy for assembling. 

Positioning System

Before Assembly, The plastic molding must be located well so that to insert the pin terminals in accurate method. 

Special design and made mould to hold and allocate the plastic molding during terminal pin inserted into plastic moldings.

Holding, Cutting, Inserting System

Terminal pin loaded through coiler and must be cut into single piece and held, then inserted into the plastic molding. 

A complex mechanism must be introduced to fulfill those movement to guarrantee the terminal pin inserted and then a final product of 3P RJ Male connector is made.