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2-Pin Electric Pluger Assembly Machine

2-Pin Electric Pluger Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

2-Pin Electric Plug Assembly Machine


This 2-Pin Electric Plug assembly machine allows an one-stop assembly automation solution for plug manufacturers to achieve automatic loading, feeding, seperating, inserting, inspecting and final unloading solution. 

Thanks to the advanced loading and feeding method of vibratory feeder bowl in full-custom design and engineering, allow this automatic plug assembly machine to load and feed the plastic housing and flat contact pins and ensure the feeding speed can meet up with assembly production demand. 

HMI-Human Machine Interface with EN/CN Dialogue menu that enables this automated plug assembly machine easy to operate and simple to repair for any troubleshoots. 


Plastic Housing Loading (Vibratory Feeder Bowl)

Special Designed & Engineered Vibratory feeder bowl is introduced to load,feed, sequence, orientate plastic housing till to the seperating mechanism;

Contact Pin Loading(Vibratory Feeder Bowl)

The contact pin for plug according to verification test, is designed to be loaded by full-custom vibratory feeder bowl;

Seperating Mechanism

Speperating Mechanisms for plastic housing and contact pins are designed in full custom, to seperate the parts and components into single one or single groups and ready to assemble together in next assembly station.

Pin Insertion Mechanism

The pin insertion mechanism will be designed to insert the pins in row (2 pins, 3 pins) by one shot, or insert the pin one by one while the plastic housing move forward by step by step which is driven by sermo motor drive system.

Pin Detection & Inspection Mechanism

To ensure all of the contact pins that inserted into the plastic housing in paralism or no contact pin missing, there will be some conductivity test system will be introduced to guarrantee there is no pin missing and or pin in wrong alignment.