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RJ 45 Round Pin Insertion Machine

RJ 45 Round Pin Insertion Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

RJ45 Pin Insertion Machine is designed to provide a full automatic assembling solution for RJ45 connector manufacturers and factories worldwide. This RJ45 Pin Insertion machine, in full custom design and engineering, is available to enable our customers to achieve an excellent assembly automation solution and meet customer’s special assembly flow as well as product quality demands and increase the productivity output; 

Designed with advanced PLC & Touch control panel to allow an ease access to control this RJ 45 Pin Insertion machine for machine operator. English & Chinese Operational menu can be shifted as will and machine running status as well as alerting system will help operator to monitor the complete production status. Manual operational mode as well as automatic operatioanl mode are both designed to allow the operator to check machine failure as well as using a continuous running mode to implement automatic assembly production. 

Vibraotry feeder bowls are introduced to load and feed the plastic housing and plastic core with constant feeding performance and in-time parts loading one by one so as to provide stepwise feeding process for plastic parts. 

As per round pin in coil will be designed to be loaded and fed through coil feeder, then the round pin alike metal wire is loaded into a measurement and cutting mechanism to ensure the pin cut into the same length and ready to be inserted into plastic core as well as bending process. 

Assembly Flow Description 

Plastic Core loaded and fed through full custom vibratory feeder bowl;

Metal wire (round pin) is loaded by a coil feeder driven by AC motor;

Metal wire cutting, inserting into plastic core, bending and cutting the residue of metal wire;

Checking round pin inserted into right position of plastic core and sort NG from OK;

Insert semi-finished plastic core into plastic housing and seal the rear cover to finish final assembly;

Final checking and inspection will be implemented to ensure to distinguish OK products and NG products;