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Silver Contact Riveting Machine

Silver Contact Riveting Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

This automatic Silver Contact Riveting Machine is a special-designed and high-performance automated riveting system that widely applied in AC series connector, switch, plug in automatic assembly.

In electrical industry, products like relay, breaker, contactor that are consisted of small size component, which is sophisticated to perform an automatic assembly process.

Thanks to this automatic silver riveting machine, it can provides a excellent solution to perform the automation riveting process. 

To introduce this automatic silver riveting machine in custom design can mostly meet the assembly demands such as no obvious deformation of conducting bridge and silver riveting in fix and reliability.


Fully automatic assembly from material loading, feeding, assembly, riveting, inspection, sorting and unloading;

Automatic Riveting Contact Loading & Feeding-Vibratory Feeding Bowl in special design to load and feed these metal components; 

Contact Sheet loading & feeding-vibratory feeding bowl in special to load and feed this metal sheets; 

Automatic Assembly

Automatic Riveting

Riveting Failure Checking & Inspection

NG Sorting 

Final Product Unloading 

Functional Features 

Two Vibration feeding bowls here in special custom design are mounted for this automatic silver contact riveting and assembly machine, respectively to load and feed the different metal pieces; 

Special designed metal component conveying slide way here is modeled to ensure a smooth slide way to convey the metals components into the assembly workstation in time and keep pact with assembly and riveting speed; 

In-line assembly system that in an integral structure to complete the respective assembly flow step-wise;

Multi-workstation design ensures a close and sequential assembly to ensure productivity and reliable and stable performance; 

Branded PLC & Touch control panel here are introduced to this automatic silver contact riveting machine with CN/EN language friendly HMI; 

Partial modular design of some mechanism and devices for this automatic silver contact riveting machine enables a easy access to maintenance and repair the machine; 


Machine Name :Automatic Silver Contact Riveting Machine 

Overall Dimension (L×W×H):1500×750×780 mm (customize)

Gross Weight  :Approx. 300kg 

Air Pressure :4kg/cm2

Power Input :200V, 50/60Hz

Output :40 PCS/Min. (Estimated Data, above or lower upon actual design and demand)