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Electrical Terminal Contact Screw-Drive Machine

Electrical Terminal Contact Screw-Drive Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

According to end user’s technical demands as well as current manufacturing and assembly flow in production line, this Electrical Terminal Contact assembly machine, based on comprehensive analysis for metal parts (3 parts) and after did some verification experiments, lmeTTeap engineering team decide to come up with this electrical terminal contact assembly machine to meet up customer’s automation production demand. 

This electrical terminal contact assembly machine with high-standard and high level assembly automation level and design and engineering conception, most of mechanisms are designed to be driven by AC motor or pneumatic components.

Flexible and reliable material (parts and components) loading and feeding methods can be selected and employed according to the features of parts and components. The most popular feeding and loading methods shall includes: 

Vibratory feeder bowl, coil feeder, hopper feeder, belt conveyor, stepper feeder etc. by these feeding methods, the assembly machine can achieve automatic material loading, feeding, orientating and sequencing to processing or subassembly station. 

Loading and feeding system: most of the loading and feeding system are designed and built in accordance with natural properties of the materials such as metal parts (most stamping parts or machining parts) to determine the parts flow directional orientation, and sequence into a line (one by one). 

Loading and feeding system also shall concentrates on feeding rate and loading speed that can provide constant feeding speed for assembly machine. 

Assembly Flow:

Metal Frame of Electrical Terminal Contact Loading By Vibratory Feeder Bowl

Metal Sheet of Electrical Terminal Contact Loadding & Feeding by Vibratory Feeder Bowl;

Screw For Electrical Terminal Contact Loading & Feeding  By vibratory Feeder Bowl;