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Rear Jack Assembly Machine

Rear Jack Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

Rear Power Jack Assembly Production Machine, by introducing advanced assembly automation design concept as well as automation technologies, is designed and manufactured based on comprehensive analysis for drawing & real samples from customers, allows the manufacturers and factories to ahieve an excellent and top-class one-stop automated production solution with target to reduce manpower investment and improve total product quality as well as production rate.1464275616833426.jpg


Scientific analysis for characteristic of materials such as plastic parts, metal parts as well as other kind of parts and components.

Flexible loading and feeding method and mechanism must be selected in accordance with verification experiments with principle of constant feeding speed that can comply with feeding and loading rate. 

The typical feeding method for assembly machine is vibratory feeder bowl and feeder hopper as well as stepper feeder; 

Orientating mechanism often is made in accordance with feeding direction as well as feeding rate;

Parts and Components Seperating Mechanism in full-custom design and engineering, often, are made to seperate parts and components from feeding mechanism; 

PLC & Touch Control Panel as core control unit for automated assembly machine that allows the assembly machine control and operation become a easy task. 

Inching movement mode is used for machine try-out and commissioning so as to analyze the troubleshoots of assembly machine. Product Accounting function is introduce to account the final product as well as NG products. 

Assembly Flow 

Metal components/parts loading through vibratory feeder bowl;

Plastic Housing loaded alos uses vibratory feeder bowl;

Subassembly Stations are used to assembly some parts and components before final assembly; 

Final assembly will be implemented after all parts and component are finished and ready to assemble; 

Checking and inspection mechanism, often introduced with sensor as well as optic fiber will be performed as checking station to sort ok product from NG products.