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DIP Switch Assembly Machine

DIP Switch Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

DIP Switches Assembly Machine


Based on comprehensive analysis for material features and assembly flow, This Automatic DIP Switch Assembly Machine is designed and manufactured in full-custom to allow the manufacturers of DIP Switches to achieve an automatic assembly solution. Using the most popular vibratory feeder bowl & coil feeding method. This Automatic DIP Assembly machine can implement a fully automatic assembly process from plastic components and metal components feeding, assembling, testing,sorting & final unloading.

Relying on advanced PLC & Touch Panel Control system, an easy-to-access control display is mounted with to enable the operator to operate and monitor the entire assembly & production process in an easy method. 

Full-customed develop the PLC software core to control the entire DIP switches assembly machine with English and Chinese Free-to-shift control menu allows this DIP switches assembly machine become a popular production equipment.

Modularization design for this automated DIP Switch assembly machine will allow machine operator to find the failure and repair the machine in short time so that to reduce the downtime of this automatic DIP switch assembly machine.


a. Plastic Components loading & Feeding System-Special Designed Vibratory Feeding Bowl 

b. Terminal loading & Feeding System-Reel & Tape metal component feeding system

c. Automatic Assembly- to assembly the plastic component and terminals  

d. Dial Component (Plastic) loading & feeding

e. Automatic Assembly

f. The plastic housing loading & feeding-Vibratory Feeding Bowl

g. Final Assembly

h. Final Product Inspection

I. NG Sorting

j. Final Product unloading