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Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine

Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description


This automated terminal block assembly machine is designed and made with aim to provide a full-automated assembly performance for a variety of terminal block, wire terminal series products. 

This terminal block assembly machine allows terminal block manufacturers to improve terminal block assembling and production quality, increase the productivity and enables a highly automation level to save labor investment and production cost in a terminal block production line. 

Vibratory feeder bowls have been designed with the integral terminal block assembly machine. Thanks to full-custom designs for these vibratory feeder bowl to load, feed, sequence, and orientate the metal & plastic components and parts. 

Automatic assembly mechanisms that mostly drive pneumatic components will perform the assembly movements such as insertion, pressing, screwing in an automatic way in a planed processing sequences.

Employs core control system that consists of PLC & touch control panel to control entire assembly system and ensure the assembly sequence run according to the program that memoried in PLC, while the operational status can be displayed in touch control panel.

PLC with full-custom developed software codes to control every single automatic movement actuator to fulfill the single mechanism that consist of pneumatic drive components or motorized drive components;

PLC program can monitor and display the complete production process and production flow. PLC works with alerting system (normally with tri-color light tower and buzzer to warn operator if any troubles for assembly machines) for no material feeding (material empty) material getting stuck, or other troubles.

PLC program can perform an automatic statistic for production as per mininutes, hours, days, or monthly. 


For types of terminal blocks, most of the assembly flow shall be:

Metal Clamp loaded by full-custom designed and made vibratory feeder bowl;

Plastic housing loaded also by vibratory feeder bowl to provide an continuous plastic parts loading and feeding performance;

Metal Clamp assembly as intial subassembly as an single assembly sation; 

Checking and inspect the semi-finished clamp ensure clamp allocated in a right position and no clamp missing; 

Vibratory feeder bowl is introduced to load and feed the terminal body(metal materials);

Terminal body assembly process;

Terminal body checking and inspection;

Plastic back cover loaded and fed through non-standard vibratory feeder bowl;

Plastic back cover assembly;

Screw loading through vibratory feeder bowl;

Screwing pressing into terminbal body;

Servo motor driven mechanism to drive the screw with torque control function;

CCD camera system is introduced to check and inspect assembly failures such as screw stucking, screw demaged, terminal body size compliance, as well as wrong allocation;

NG sorting mechanism will seperate the NG products from OK products;

Ok product marking system will mark the ok product;

Final product unloading system will unload the final product from entire assembly machine.