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USB Jack Production Machine

USB Jack Production Machine
  1. Introduction & Description


USB connector assembly machine provides a full-custom assemly automation solution to USB connector manufacturers to help them achieve a high-quality final USB connector products as well as high-production rate and lower reject rate in current USB connector manfuacturing business. 

Relying on full-aspect analysis for parts and components for USB connector such as the in-coming form of parts which relates to shape, material, flexibility as well as other properties that will determine the proper parts feeding, loading, selecting, sequencing and orientating methods. 

USB connector assembly machine enables an entire assembly production and provides an one-stop solution by integrating all conveying, inspection, checking, assembling and alignment as well as final product unloading. 


Plastic Base Loading, Feeding, Selecting, Orientating, Sequencing In Automation;

Terminal Loading & Feeding Introduced with Reel-and-Tape Method;

Terminal In Coil Strip is designed to be cutted and ready to be loaded for assembling in next workstation; 

Plastic Base and Discrete Terminal Assembly by Inserting Terminal into Plastic Base to complete semi-fiinsihed subassembly; 

External Metal Cover Feeding, Loading in a way of vibration method by vibratory feeder bowl;

Automate the assembly process to assemble the metal cover with plastic base with inserted terminals;

USB Connector Board Mounting Verification Simulation Test and Inspection. 


Vibratory feeder bowls are introduced to load, feed, select, orientate, sequence plastic and metal parts which provides a stable feed rate for parts feed for assembly requirement from assembly workstation; 

Terminal in coil-strip is designed to be loaded through a method of reel-and-tape so as to guarrantee an in-time terminal cutting and feeding to assembly station while ensure high quality terminal in case of terminal deformation. 

Introduced with Mitsubishi PLC programmer as well as Wecon Touch Panel as integral control system to control USB connector assembly machine to guarantee a stable and reliable assembly production to comply with customer’s demand. 


Comestic Inspection: 

Terminal Inserted Into Base Paralism Inspection;

Terminal Pin Height Palallism & Height Uniformation Inspection;

Hi-Pot Test & Inspection;

CCD Vision Measurement and Inspection;


Production Rate: 20-45cps/min. or above ( determined by material analysis and asembly demand)

Operational Rate: above 95% 

Reject Rate: less than or equal to 1%