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Screw-Drive & Assembly Machine

Screw-Drive & Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction

1. This automatic screw assembly machine designed to provide a full automatic solution from material loading to screw assembly and unloading, by this way, the manufactures could increase productivity, improve product quality and enable a high level of automation to save more manpower. 

2. Custom-design vibratory bowl feeders keep each kind of material supply alignment separately

3. PLC and touch screen panel with HMI indicated both in EN/CN available, easy to operate and control the whole assembly process

4. This automatic screw assembly machine with good compatibility to widely applied for metal components and parts with different assembly requirement

Functional Description

1. The metal components and parts conveyed by custom vibratory bowl feeder to the workstation, custom design vibratory bowl (according material, size, weight and shape) ensure each kind of material conveyed automatic and alignment

2. Employ vibratory bowl feeding method to load and feed the screws to the assembly flow

3. A serial of process perform with high accurate alignment and quick operation, such as clamping, locating, inserting, screwing and assembly process.

4. The final assembled products will be unloaded finally.

Functional Features

1. The branded Mitsubishi PLC ,  Winview HMI (human machine Interface) touch screen, Japan KEYENCE Optical Fiber are introduced.

2. The Pneumatic component or parts are introduced with branded Air TAC,SMC ,Festo that enables the process more stable and accurate;

3. The machine could counting automatic, the final qualified products of unloaded could pre-arranged before working.

4. The machine frame employs electrostatic spraying & paint-drying processes with the purpose to anti-rust;

Assembly Station Description

Work Station 1 Wiring Terminal Loading

Full-Custom Vibratory Feeder Bowl is designed to perform automatic loading, feeding,

sequencing, orientating;

A wiring terminal feeding track that connect with vibratory feeder bowl, which driven by linear

vibratory feeder, will convey wiring terminals to separating mechanism;

A separating mechanism (escapement mechanism) will be mounted at the end of feeding track to

separate wiring terminals in row into single work piece. A push mechanism will push single wiring terminal into the holder of Push-walk mechanism;

Push-Walk Mechanism will push forward and stop the work piece in accordance with different

assembling and process demands;

Work Station 2 Metal Plate Loading, Assembly

As per metal plate, the same loading approach of automatic feeder bowl will be introduced and

functions the same as work station 1. Also introduced with linear vibratory feeder to move metal plate forward and separate them into

single piece and ready to assemble with other component;

Metal Plate & Wiring Terminal Assembly as initial assembly process;

After initial assembly between wiring terminal and metal plate, a push mechanism will push the

semi-finished product to move forward to next assembly station. Work Station 3 Screw Drive Loading & Screw Drive

A Full custom screw feeder(refer to photo below) will be introduced to perform automatic screw

loading, feeding, conveying and separating;

A servo motor drive screw drive mechanism will be designed here to drive the screw into the

metal plate and complete the final screw drive task;

Servo motor control screw drive machine, with excellent performance to control the screw drive

torque, can be used for controlling screw drive torque, detecting if screw missing and screw drive

depth etc, which will provide a signal to NG sorting station to separate NG product from OK


Work Station 4: NG Sorting 

A NG sorting station will separate the NG product automatically to ensure that the customer can

have the OK final products and save manpower to do inspect and check. Work Station 5: Final Product Unloading

As per final OK product, will be unloading by a push mechanism and drop down to a container to

hold all OK products. 

Technical Specification

Overall Dimension: Approx. 1550×850×1750 mm(L×W×H)

Gross Weight: 450KG

Production Rate: 20-30pcs/min. Power Supply: 220V.50Hz

Air Supply: Above 5.0kgf/mm²

5. Standard Parts

Pneumatic Cylinder:AirTAC/CHELIC ,Taiwan Brand


Touch Control Panel: Weinview

Optical Amplifier: Panasonic

Linear Vibratory Controller: CUH