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Automated Tapping Machine

Automated Tapping Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

General Introduction

1. This automatic tapping machine designed to provide a full automatic solution from material loading to tapping and unloading, by this way, the manufactures could increase productivity, improve product quality and enable a high level of automation to save more manpower 

2. Custom-design vibratory bowl feeder keeps material supply alignment separately

3. PLC and touch screen panel with HMI indicated both in EN/CN available, easy to operate and control the whole process

4. This automatic tapping machine with good compatibility to widely applied for hardware with different tapping requirement

Functional Description

1. The metal components and parts conveyed by custom vibratory bowl feeder to the workstation, custom design vibratory bowl (according material, size, weight and shape) ensure material conveyed automatic and alignment

2. A serial of process perform with high accurate alignment and quick operation, such as clamping, locating and tapping process

3. The final products completed and then will be unloaded finally.


1. The branded Mitsubishi PLC , Skyworth or Winview HMI (human machine Interface) touch screen, Japan KEYENCE Optical Fiber are introduced.

2. The Pneumatic component or parts are introduced with branded Air TAC,SMC ,Festo that enables the process more stable and accurate;

3. The machine could counting automatic, the final qualified products of unloaded could pre-arranged before working.

4. The machine frame employs electrostatic spraying & paint-drying processes with the purpose to anti-rust;