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USB Connector Assembly Machine

USB Connector Assembly Machine
  1. Introduction & Description

Automatic USB Connector Assembly Machine

General Introduction

USB connector assembly machine, in full-custom design, engineering, and manufacturing to provide an automation solution for USB connector manufacturers thus to reduce the manpower investment in production and automate the production line. 

USB Connector assembly machine provide one-stop solution to solve material loading and feeding, sub-assembly, final assembly and final inspection. 

Assembly Flow

Terminal Loading & Feeding 

To achieve an excellent assembly automation, mostly the feeding and loading method must be selected according to the nature of material and packing type that to determine the proper loading and feeding system;

Plastic Core loading 

Plastic core in bulk is designed to be loaded by full-custom made vibratory feeder bowl to feed the plastic core one by one; 

A continuous loading and feeding movement can ensure the plastic cord enter into processing station or assembly station independently. 

Subassembly (Terminal & Plastic Core Assembly& Terminal Bending)

A sub-assembly mechanism will perform movements includes inserting the terminal into plastic cores, bending the terminal and cut terminal to finish a semi-finished product. 

Metal housing Loading & Feeding 

Metal housing, generally, can be loaded and fed through coil feeder or vibratory feeder bowl in accordance with the material packing types. 

Final Assembly 

A Final Assembly Station will assembly all of the semi-finished product as well as other component and form a final product.

Product Testing

According to customer’s testing demand to ensure the quality assembled by our assembly machine, our engineering team can integrate following testing system into this USB connector assembly machine. 

Conductivity Test ,Hi-pot Test ,Matching Test 

Based on the testing result, this USB jack assembly machine can sort the NG products from OK products.

Final Product Unloading 

A final unloading system will unload the product into plastic pallet or a bin to collect all of products. 

Assembly Automation Theory:

Because parts of various sizes and shapes can be molded to near finished-shape dimensions, injection molding is, by far, the dominant plastic molding process. As plastics continue to expand in their applications, injection molding will also continue to expand. In spite of this favorable outlook, injection molding has a major deficiency - the need to manipulate injection molded part prior to subsequent steps in the manufacturing process. This deficiency is especially apparent when the molded parts are used in subsequent assemblies. With the Aligned parts assembly system,this deficiency is eliminated. The result is that efficiencies of injection molding facilities will dramatically increase. 

The normal pattern in injection molding operations is for the parts of ejected by the machine and to fall randomly into a bin. The parts are then manipulated to sort them and orient them. Even when a robot is used to extract the part from the machine, the robot usually drops the part on a conveor belt which feeds into a bin, thus resulting the same randomness as the normal ejection system.