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Automated Assembly Production Line

Automated Assembly Production Line
  1. Introduction & Description


Automatic Assembly Production Line,comprehensivelly, based on single assembly machine technologies and application, can be built up to achieve an full automatic or semi-automatic assembly production line so that can fulfill production flow such as automatic material loading, automatic orientating, automatic conveying, pre-processing before assembly, partial assembly production, final assembly production, Final Production Inspection, Defectives Reject and final packing.

Automatic Assembly Production Line aims to meet up with various of assembly demands during product manufacturing, can achieve various of complex and flexible assemblies, inspection, 

marking as well as packing, parts and components (raw material) for final product are vary and various come to a final product or semi-finished product, which is widely for product with mature design, great market demand and complex assembly flow, long-time production plan. Automatic assembly production line provides an possibility to reduce manpower input, increase  production rate, and improve product quality and take up small product space etc.



LED Lighting, Smartphone, Electric Switches, Power Socket,Home Appliance, Mini-size motor, etc..


Part/Components Conveying System

The conveying system, generally, will introduce with various of conveying system with target to achieve automatic parts conveying, and to provide an buffering system between connected machines. The conveying system mostly employs continuous running mode.

The typical conveying line is:

Belt Driven Conveying line 

Special processed Parts Track with linear vibratory feeder 

Mostly, the conveying is designed as linear structure with the automatic assembly mechanisms layouted on the top of conveying system.


Part Seperating, Stopping & orientating System

The Parts/Components (raw material), according to working instruction, mostly shall pass single assembly machines one by one till to finish the assembly task to come up with final products. 

Nornally, before one single assembly machine, there will be a part seperating system to seperate the parts into single piece so that to insolate the parts and then to stop the parts and components by various of stopper mechanisms, which also performed as buffering zone for every single assembly station.When parts and components arrive at the stopper mechanism, detected by sensoring system and picked by automatic picking mechanism and placed onto fixtures, then are assembled with other parts and components. In the end, when one single assembly machine fulfill the assembly process, and semi-finished product inspected as qualified ones, the semi-finished product will flow into next single assembly machine for next step of assembly performance. 

Automatic Part Loading & Unloading System

Relevant loading and unloading system must be mounted for every single assembly machine. The popular loading and unloading system is vibratory feeder bowl as well as automatic pick-place mechanism.

Between those two loading & unloading methods, vibratory feeder bowl, mostly, is used to loaded small and regular size components such as screws, nuts, riveting nail, small stamping parts and small plastic molding, as well as small casting parts. 

The automatic picking and placing mechanism are more popular than vibratory feeder bowl because of the excellent performance of component picking and placing from small size parts and components to large size components.