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LED Assembly Production Line

LED Assembly Production Line
  1. Introduction & Description

Esstential Systems For Assembly Production Line 


Material (Parts) Pick & Place System 

Beside Manual pick and place method, various of types of pick-place mechanism or robot are mostly introduced into assembly production line to provide excellent and flexible material pick and place solutions.

Material Carrying & Transporting System 

The Material carriers in different types such as carrier tray will carry the parts and components from one work station to another workstation and then once a work station fulfilled assembly task, the carrier will automatically flow into next work station;

The parts and components conveyor will covey parts and components or carriers and provide rail or slideway for carriers;

Special Purpose Assembly Automation Machines 

Special purpose Assembly Automation Machines, according to layout of automatic production line, mostly will be designed and built to achieve a single assembly task or multiple assembly tasks which shall be determined by assembly work simplication or complexities. 

Using automatic machine to replace some important assembly work is a trend to reduce the total cost as well as to improve production quality worldwide.

Important & Esstential Factors That be taken into Account In Assembly Production Line Building; 

Full Automatic Equipment/Machine Cycle Time: as it is how long that machine can fulfill an assembly task or serveral assembly tasks;

Entire Assembly Production Line Takt: How many second shall be controlled;

Assembly Production Line Yield: 

Where, Given, 7 days, 16 hours per day, reject rate below 0.5% 

Single Assembly Prodcution Line requires 6 workers 

Assembly Production Line Design & Layout 

Material Flow Control 

First of all, it shall determine the conveying tracks as well as parts and components carriers or employs manual loading and feeding method for this assembly production line;

Manual Workstation For Operators 

Mostly, In an assembly production line, it also requires some certain number of workers or operators in the production line between machines, which is so called machine-man cooperation work. 

For manual; work station, the automation designer often will layout some simple modules to help the operator to finish the assembly work and only need to press a button, then the parts and component in carriers will flow to next work station.