Terminal Blocks Assembly Machine


For types of terminal blocks, most of the assembly flow shall be:

  • Metal Clamp loaded by full-custom designed and made vibratory feeder bowl;

  • Plastic housing loaded also by vibratory feeder bowl to provide an continuous plastic parts loading and feeding


  • Metal Clamp assembly as intial subassembly as an single assembly sation; 

  • Checking and inspect the semi-finished clamp ensure clamp allocated in a right position and no clamp missing; 

  • Vibratory feeder bowl is introduced to load and feed the terminal body(metal materials);

  • Terminal body assembly process;

  • Terminal body checking and inspection;

  • Plastic back cover loaded and fed through non-standard vibratory feeder bowl;

  • Plastic back cover assembly;

  • Screw loading through vibratory feeder bowl;

  • Screwing pressing into terminbal body;

  • Servo motor driven mechanism to drive the screw with torque control function;

  • CCD camera system is introduced to check and inspect assembly failures such as screw stucking, screw demaged,

terminal body size compliance, as well as wrong allocation;

  • NG sorting mechanism will seperate the NG products from OK products;

  • Ok product marking system will mark the ok product;

  • Final product unloading system will unload the final product from entire assembly machine.