Automatic O-Ring Assembly Machine

General Introduction 

In accordance with customer's technical requirement, lmeTTeap come out with this layout for O-Ring assembly machine 

will be designed with in-line assembly machine structure.

Full-Custom vibratory feeder bowl is introduced as the major part feeding system to load, feed, orientate, sequence the 

plastic housings & O-rings and linear vibrating driven feeding track to transfer parts and components.

It requires to mount one single piece of Rubber O-Ring onto one plastic housing but it is not allow to be stretched in 

case of O-ring broken. Thus, a bar transferring system to open the O-ring and ensure no damage for O-Ring is designed

for this assembly machine. 

Technical Parameters for O-Ring Automatic Assembly Machine

Overall Dimension Approx. 850×650×1750 mm(L×W×H)

Gross Weight :  150 KG 

Production Rate : 15~30 pcs/min.

Power Supply : 220V.50Hz

Air Supply : Above 5.0kgf/m²