Automatic Silver Contact Riveting Machine

Automatic Silver Contact Riveting Machine

      Silver Contact as a esstential component for many electronic and electrical product with very strict demand for 

riveting quality, needs an automatic assembly solution as well as for components and parts. 

      This automated silver contact riveting machine employs advanced assembly automation design conception of 

automaticparts loading, part orientating, part sequencing, as well as part seperating & part positioning, two parts 

riveting assembling, product checking and inspection as well as unloading.

     Employs full custom vibratory feeder bowl to load the silver contact with maintaining an constant feeding speed 

and stable loading rate; 

     Metal springs are also introduced with coil feeder to load and feed them which also can guarantee an constant 

feeding and stable loading performance; 

     Introduced with excellent performed motorized punching machine to rivet and shape silver contact when 

assembled with metal spring; 

     PLC & touch control panel as core control unit is made to control the entire riveting machine as well as to monitor

 total production production process and alerting system that to warn the operator if any machine failures.