4 Spindle Screw Drive Machine

4-Spindle Screw Drive Machine General Introduction

Multi-spindle screw drive machine employs fixed mounting method to hold and fix screw drivers to achieve synchronous 

2-12 screw-drive assembly. The screw drive spindle position and height is designed to control and adjust according 

different size and screw hole position, which allows this multi-spindle screw-drive machine can be applied for various 

screwing assembly production even if for different product and also enable this multi-spindle screw drive machine 

cooperating with automatic production line.

Multi-spindle screw drive machine with advanced design conception to arrange the screw drive heads as well as screw 

drive bits in accordance with technical analysis for actual product size, screw sizes as well as screw hole distance to fix 

and screw drive heads,also, this multi-spindle screw drive machine introduces with product fixture onto working cell. 

The fixture will holdthe product till completion of screw-drive.

This multi-spindle screw drive machine with various advantages that include high production rate, low cost, high 

flexibility, enables this screw-drive machine can be used for product of single variety and large-scale production.