Rotary Screw Drive Machine with Unloading

Rotary Screw Drive Machine With Unloading General Introduction 

Compared with other multiple spindle screwing machine or other rotary indexing table screwing machine, this newly 

designed rotary screwing machine is designed with extra pick and place robotic arm to pick finished product from 

fixtures onto rotary indexing table and place product to linking conveyor to enable finished products transported to

other stations;

Rotary indexing table, mounted with fixtures on it to hold and carry product from one station to another station to 

complete screwing and assembling process from working piece place, assembly, inspection, screw-drive and final 

unloading, all of these assembly steps are completed synchronously, by this means, it improve the total production 

rate for modern screwing & assembling. 

Screw bit driven by universal joint and electrical screw driver to implement screwing production, which allows multi-

spindle screw driver working at the same time; This rotary screwing with flexible design conception allows an easy 

access to exchange fixtures and set parameter of screwing machine to achieve quite fixtures and product changeover 


Generally, 4-workstation, 6-workstation, 8 workstation rotary screwing machine can be made full custom according to 

customer’s production demand as well as regulation of product and screws.